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Easiest Ways to Become Rich?

Did you dream of become rich? Have you ever think about ways or methods to become rich? Well, I think most people think about it including myself. Below are some of the ways or methods that I think we can try to make ourselves rich, if we dare to do it. Marry a rich man […]

Can a blog about food gains lots of money making opportunities online?

Once in a while some of my friends come to me for advice regarding ideas on trying to make money online by blogging. As most of them are working with a full time job, the best ideas that they can come out with is blogging. Honestly, I just think that they are trying to find […]

Interested in helping Google improve Google Translate?

I use Google Translate a lot while blogging. Although it does not always provide accurate answer, at least it helps verified spelling and the meaning of the words. Usually you’ll get a strange answer when you type in a sentence instead of a single word. I suppose Google Translate still needs a lot of work […]

Selling Shovels in a Gold Rush seems to be a popular way to get rich

Lately I’ve seen many people trying to make a fortune by selling shovels in a gold rush. One of the most popular product or so call shovel is the method to make a lot of money or become rich. My first encounter with such a product is thousands of dollars courses lecture by popular or […]

Thinking too much while blogging might reduce productivity

Blogging is just the same as attending a language class back in high school as you are giving a task of writing 500 to 1000 words composition. Back in those days I could hardly produce 500 words of composition no matter how sufficient time was given. Now I can easily write 1000 words of blog […]