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Getting the best out from Guest Posting via PostJoint

Guest posting seems to be the most popular way to increase backlinks and traffic to our site lately. I suppose this has something to do with Google and the changes on search engine algorithm. As Google starting to penalize links purchase, links exchange and other abnormal links activity, seems like bloggers are left with the […]

How much money do you actually make via Blogging?

How much money do you make by blogging? This is the kind of question that I always get either from people around me or email. And the answer that I always give is “not much but enough to survive.” Honestly, the income that I generate from blogging varies. Sometimes you’ll feel that you must be […]

Simple but interesting topics that we can repeatedly blog about

There are some topics that we can repeatedly blog about every year. In other words, these topics usually are best to blog about during a particular time frame. One of the simplest topics that we can blog about every year is Christmas. I’m sure everybody has something special in mind when it comes to Christmas. […]

It is not the Money but the Interest that leads to the success in pursuit of money making opportunities online

Pick any billionaire in the world and study their biography. You will discover that money is never their main goal in achieving success. They just basically pursuing their interest and doing the things they love. At the end of the day, they found themselves in the billionaire circle without even realizing it. I suppose even […]

Focus on Productivity in order to pursuit for money making opportunities online

You might be a talented person or you might be hard working, but if you are not productive, you won’t make money. Talent does not rewarded, production does. I forgot where and when I read about this but lately the words seem to keep on appearing in my mind. Yes, if you are hoping to […]