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Too Much SEO might not help your Blog Make Money Online

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is performed to make a blog or site rank better in search results. That is the purpose and function of doing SEO. But if you are not careful, your site might end up at the opposite result. So if you going to perform SEO by yourself make sure that you […]

Mobile Money Making Opportunities via Parking Panda

While pursuing for money making opportunities online, I tend to encounter some interesting ways to make money online. Check out Parking Panda as you might be able to make some money with your parking space. Basically you are able to make money by renting out your parking space, and this mobile app can help to […]

An Artist who Successfully Becomes Full time With Google Adsense

On the latest blog post title “PubTalk: Philip Martin talks about becoming a full-time artist with Google Adsense” from Google Inside Adsense Blog, the story of Philip Martin is very inspiring. Especially for those who try to make money via Google Adsense, his story definitely gives motivation and encouragement. The video presented above is also […]

Beware of Google Copyright Infringement

Lately Google announced an update on their search algorithms which taking account on the number of valid copyright removal notices received. That means if your site is using copyrighted material without authorization, you might be penalized. One of the effects which you will witness is the drop of site ranking or removing of site index. […]

The Top 10 Best WordPress Google Adsense Plugins?

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin which helps you to manage and insert Google Adsense, there are actually lots of choices available. Especially if you are trying to insert Google Adsense code inside your blog post, in between posts and any location that you like, you will have to get the right suitable […]