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How much is Facebook really worth?

Up until this moment Facebook shares are still going down. Starting from the price of $38 at IPO, Facebook shares are now worth $27.20 as I’m writing this blog post. Just how much are Facebook shares really worth? The biggest asset of Facebook is the 900 million users worldwide. But that does not show the […]

Introducing New Report From Google Adsense to Help Publisher increase Revenue

Check out the blog post title “New industry metrics to help publishers make the most from the web” from Google Inside Adsense Blog. A new report call “Display Business Trends: Publisher Edition” is introduced to help publishers increase earnings via Google Adsense. According to the blog post, the report will basically answer four types of […]

Money Making Opportunities Online at Magazine Agent by Selling Magazines

Magazine-Agent is the second money making opportunities online that I encountered which enable users to sell magazines. The website is founded back in 1998 as an internet based subscription agent. In order to start making money by selling magazines, users have to sign up the affiliate program. Users who wish to join the magazine subscription […]

The Money Making Opportunities that Facebook is Looking for

Now that Facebook shares are up, next is to bring in some revenue for the investors. Although Facebook shares are not doing so well since IPO, there is still opportunity to push the price back if Facebook successfully brings in money. Unfortunately things are not going to be easy for Facebook after GM stops advertising […]

Faster and Simple Mobile Apps Makes Money

When it comes to making money by creating mobile apps, we need to consider two important criteria. The mobile apps need to be simple and fast respond. Just make a simple survey on mobile or smartphone users about the mobile apps they used. The first consideration is about the download data used by mobile apps. […]