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Leverage The Benefits of Copy Paste using Tynt Insight

One of the problem that we blogger face is plagiarism. We spend lots of time writing and generating original content but then it is easily copied and paste in other blog. Sometimes it just felt frustrating. Lately I found out about his website call Tynt Insight which automatically gives a link back whenever the action […]

BuddyPress A Simple WordPress Plugin That Creates Your FREE Social Network Website

BuddyPress is a free open source that enables you to run a social network website but still you have to pay for the domain name and hosting service. Basically it’s a WordPress plugin. So if you’re interested in creating a social network website in a small scale or trying to learn about social networking website, […]

3 Contest and FREE giveaway You should Check out

This weekend I just happen to stumble on few blogs that are having contest and FREE giveaway event. So I thought why not share it with you guys. There is a total of 3 blogs that you can check out. The first blog is from the famous John Chow Dot Com with post title Zac […]

Holding a Low Pay Full Time Job Still Can Become a Millionaire

An article form Yahoo title 5 Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires really inspires and motivates me. Let me just summaries the main content before I share my thoughts. Anybody can become Millionaire. There’s no reason you can’t. You might be surprise that some people around you are actually millionaire. They live the same life style just […]

Online Criminal Stole My Friends Email and Facebook Account Again.

At first it was my brother who lost his hotmail account after replied to a scam email. I share this incident to my friends around hoping that they might learn from it and never repeat the mistake that my brother did. After couple of weeks, a friend of mine calls up mentioning that she might […]