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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010

It’s time for big festival again. Every year during this period of time it feels special but yet it passes normally. This is the time when we think about holiday, rest, family, reunion, snow, bonus, conclusion, appreciate and of cause celebration. This is the 2nd Christmas for this blog. I started this blog back in […]

Keeping account secure is the responsibility of both users and providers

Google AdSense just post about keeping your account secure. The additional tips that Google AdSense provide are: Create a strong password and security question. Do not share account password with anyone. Do not response to messages asking for your username or password. Be cautious of fake sign in pages. The above 4 tips really are […]

Another Money Making opportunities at Adly

Adly is another site that you can make money using twitter account. The concept is more a less the same as Sponsored Tweets and RevTwt. Basically you just need to sign up with Adly and authorize the site to post on your twitter account. Before the ads are post you have to approve each and […]

What if people starts creating money making blogs this way?

First, pick some keywords. Let’s just choose “Make money online”. Second, pick a domain name Pick a blog title name “Make Money Online” with description saying that this blog is about making money online, only making money online and nothing else but about making money online. Third, name ourselves as “make money online guy”. […]

Google Adsense 3 Parts Deeper Targetable Custom URL channels

Google Adsense just releases the final part of the brief explanation on setting up channels. The blog post title “A deeper look at channels” has 3 parts. They are part 1 URL Channels, Part 2 Custom Channels and Part 3 Targetable Channels. All 3 blog posts include video showcasing best practices for setting up channels […]