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Money Making Opportunities with Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is another money making opportunities that I found. Sponsored Tweets was mentioned by some of my blog readers when I first talk about money making opportunities using twitter. It seems that Sponsored Tweets is popular among bloggers. Let’s take a look then. Sponsored Tweets is another advertising platform by IZEA. This time instead […]

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Learning to Make Money Online

After pursuing my goal to make money online for several years, I encounter lots of bumps on my way. Honestly there are more failures than success. That’s actually the way I learned. It’s just a process of experiment, failure, experiment, failure, experiment… until you hit the jack pot of success. It’s just like a mission […]

New Ways to Reach Advertisers through Google Ad Planner Publisher Center

Google Ad Planner Publisher Center was launched earlier this year but I did not really take a good look at it. Now that Google introduces some new ways to reach advertisers, things are getting much more interesting. Publishers are now able to claim sub domains, share more Google Analytics metrics, delegate site ownership and display […]

Why Year End Christmas is the best time to Make Money?

This year 2009 is almost end. Christmas is just a month away. That means long holiday is almost near. Do you prepare to take a long rest in this holiday? Well, before you do that, there are couples of things that we should take note. First, people around the world are getting their year end […]

Top 10 SEO WordPress plugins blogger needs, do we?

I was looking for some SEO related WordPress plugins for my blog lately. Thinking that there might be some new SEO WordPress plugins available that might help increase traffic. It turns out most of the existing SEO WordPress plugins still topping the chart for the most SEO favorable plugins. Now let’s check out which SEO […]