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Do Blogs need Robots.txt for SEO optimized?

Lately I happened to check out the usage of robot.txt to search for any help on SEO optimized. Robots.txt also known as The Robots Exclusion Protocol is a set of instruction created for web robots or spiders. The search engine crawler will look for robots.txt where pages to indexed and ignored are defined. If you […]

Dealing with Comment Spam, Stopping Manual Spam or Taking advantage on Spam

When you decided to start or create a blog, comment spam is the one thing that comes along. Those that own a blog will surely have to deal with comment spam. As placing comments is a way to generate backlinks, it is considered as a SEO way to bring more traffic. Lately it seems comment […]

Upgrading WordPress Manually

Honestly I don’t like the constant work of upgrading WordPress. I just feel that we spent a lot of time on keeping up the WordPress upgrading work. The latest version of WordPress is 2.8.4, for now I suppose. This year WordPress releases 6 new versions up till now. In 2008 last year there are 9 […]

Money Making Opportunities and the People who successfully capturing it

Once in a while I like to read success stories. Either it’s online, television or books we can find lots of information regarding how people make a fortune. These stories really inspire us and give us great motivation to keep on pursuing our dreams. Below are some of the famous people that I read, within […]

Money Making Opportunities at IM Report Card

You get paid by just participating at IM Report Card. That means you will be rewarded by joining IM Report Card community and taking part on reviews, comments, suggestions, grading and referring. IM Report Card is a site where people get together to review and discuss about internet marketing related product s or services. These […]