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PoeWar the Writer’s Resource Center

PoeWar is a site that I found that provides lots of information about writing. Besides that PoeWar also provides information on writing jobs and freelancing work. Actually if you browse through the site carefully, it looks more like a blog with lots of writing material. This is a blog that belongs to a writer name […]

8 simple steps to make blog easy and comfortable to read so that readers stay

Reading from screen is difficult then reading from papers. People that are not use to reading on screen get tired easily even just 20 minutes staring at the screen. Bare this in mind and always make your blog post easy and comfortable to read. In order to do that, below are few tips that you […]

Do not drive your viewers away without letting them go through your content

It is true that first impression of your blog is important because that’s the first thing that viewers decide to read on or go away. Instead of trying to make a good impression, I think it is better not to let viewers hate it. I stumble upon an article title Top Ten Mistakes in Web […]

3 big Reasons that you should sign up Adgitize

Money Making Opportunities. You get to make money at Adgitize, not much but it’s a good deal concerning the results that you’ll get. At Adgitize you earn money by earning points, the more points you earn the more money you earn. In order to score points, basically you need to click on ads within Adgitize. […]