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Blog Commenting Services

Searching for high page rank blogs to place comments is one way to increase traffic. It’s a method that SEO blogs always mention. Instead of doing it alone by visiting from blog to blog giving out comments one by one, why not just hire somebody to do the hard work. Well, if somebody paying then […]

Jobs Opportunities for Freelancers and Programmers at oDesk

oDesk can be considered as one of the best freelancing sites that I ever found online. The site has a large marketplace for freelancers and programmers. In fact oDesk can be a place to outsource projects to talents around the world, in a way that is. As a freelancer, this might be a good place […]

Adsense Video Units feature update and the launch of Adsense interest-based advertising

Two things that I like to remind my readers in this post. First is the Adsense Video Units feature. Google Adsense release another post to further outline their continue support for video content owners. If you did not create any video that generates revenue, it basically does concern you. Still it is good to know […]