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Get Paid to Blog at Paying Post

PayingPost is another get paid to post site that is similar to PayPerPost. Found out about this new site when I was surfing around. As PayingPost is still new, they are currently looking for more advertisers. In order to do that the site needs to let the world knows about them. This is where we […]

Changes due to Google Cutbacks

Google announced plans on cutbacks. That’s not a surprise as the world is experiencing an economic crisis and almost every big company affected. According to the news and information gathered, Google plans to cuts 100 jobs, shutdown some projects and reduce hiring. That’s not too bad compare to other big companies that cutting 5000 to […]

Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Google releases a Search Engine Optimization Guide somewhere around mid November 2008. Below is the summery that I compile after going through the guide. It would be better if you could go through it, even if you already learn up a lot of SEO tips. Who knows you might miss out some important clue. Create […]