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Getting Freelance Writer or Ghost Writer at Writer Bin

The first thing that I notice about Writer Bin is that there aren’t many projects available. Judging that it’s still a new site, let’s give it some time and see how it turns out. Sign up is free and the only fee that you need to pay is when you successfully bid a project. That […]

8 Pay Per Click Sites other then Google Adsense

Here’s a list of Pay Per Click programs other then Google Adsense. If you are ban or terminated from Google Adsense, these are your alternative. Pepperjam Network Bidvertiser Yahoo search marketing Microsoft adcenter Miva 7Search advertising Search123 Chitika You might need to check if these Pay Per Click Company open to your country. Take for […]

Evaluating Google Adsense and Adwords from a Different point of View

As we all know, Google Adwords is getting more and more expensive and Google Adsense is paying less and less. This is definitely not a good sign for users of Google Adwords and Adsense. Paying more and earning less is what users don’t want but benefits Google. As most of the users are complaining about […]

Everthing about DoFollow

  I just stumble on a site call DoFollow. It’s kind of interesting as you can find related dofollow stuff here. The most interesting part about this site is the dofollow site directory. There are only 100 plus websites listed as the site is new and at beta stage. Well, at least it will take […]

Check out Hot Words for Keywords

One of the methods to get your blog or website index at high search rank is to build a high density of keywords within. Before that we need to do some research before making the decision on which words to choose. That means we need to check which keywords is most widely search by people […]