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Get Paid Sharing Music with Grooveshark

I’m sure that many of you listen to songs online. Itune, windows media player and Imeem are some of the sites and features that you can share, download and purchase music online. Those of you that own an ipod are basically get used to download music online. Well, great news for you guys. Grooveshark is […]

Evaluate EntreCard

I’ve been using EntreCard for some time and it seems to be a good time to make an evaluation regarding this site. EntreCard is a great site for me to increase traffic to my blogs. EntreCard uses a good method by making people visiting other blogs to click on their widget. Every click is the […]

Free SEO Tool to Check your Blog – Website Grader

Website Grader is one of the free SEO tools that you can use to check your blog. You can use it as a reference to check if there is anything else you can improve for your blog. The tool is able to check your blog quite detail and include some advices on how you can […]

Pages That Should Be Consider Added

Having to stumble upon an article from Problogger regarding 20 Types of pages that every blogger should consider and I think this blog really needs to put up some of them. This blog really has lots of things need to be done. My first step was to concentrate on 2 things, that is traffic and […]

Make Your Long URL Short

SnipURL is a site where you can change your long URL short. As this is a tool that changes the URL, then it should works the same to hide your affiliate links. Sounds like the same as TinyURL that I post about early this year. If you registered and sign up with SnipURL, you get […]