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Help test out the new Ads serving application – OpenX

When I check back the link to OpenAds, it turns out to be OpenX. It seems that OpenAds has change to OpenX and the software is now at Beta stage. OpenX 2.5 beta is ready to download and they need people to help test it out if there is any bug. Below are some of […]

The New Alexa Ranking System

My Alexa ranking drops tremendously couple of days ago. It turns out that Alexa is having a big change in their ranking system. According to Alexa, the changes are basically as below. More Sources – Alexa rankings are now based on more sources of data to give a better indicator of website popularity. Improved Methodology […]

Built Your Business or Idea with Cambrian House

If you have a business or idea and you don’t have the money and resources to build it, than you should check out Cambrian House. It’s a site or community where people gather online to exchange knowledge, ideas and commercialize businesses. It’s actually a crowd sourcing community. Basically you sign up and submit your idea. […]

Learning php Through Video Tutorials has 13 free lessons regarding php programming that you might be interested. If you hate reading from a programming book that looks like a phone book, then this site might help you. You can go through all 13 video tutorials online that takes up a total of 356 minutes. That’s about 6 hours […]

25th Looking for stuff to write

How many of you ever have the feeling that “I have nothing to write”? Well, to be honest I have a couple of times with nothing in my mind to contribute for my blog. It’s just one of those days that my mind is just empty. Later on I learn a few tricks so that […]