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Do we need a break from blogging?

I think it’s not just blogging. We always need a break or a rest from anything that we do. Generally we take a break because we are tired and need some time to rest our mind and body. It may seem simple and normal to take a break but if you don’t do it properly, […]

Simple Easy WordPress Guide

  I post about how to create WordPress theme online without the knowledge of programming languages previously. So I thought it would be appropriate to introduce some simple WordPress Guides that you might need when uploading the theme. WordPress Guides by Podz can be considered the best guide that I found so far. The site […]

Create Your Own WordPress Theme without Any Programming Languages

I found out about this WordPress Theme Generator six month ago. I post about it at my previous blog as it’s a great tool. Even until now, this online generator is still the best available and it’s free. I like to talk about it again in this blog because I feel that it is very […]

Get Paid for Creating Content with Triond

Triond is another site that lets you earn money without owning a blog or site. You submit contents that you created and earn money from it. It’s almost just like Suite101 and WiseBread. 50% of the money earned from the content that you submitted will go into your account. You can submit articles, videos, podcast, […]

Kill Email Harvesting Bots

One of the things that I hate most is spam. Either it’s the spam that you received from email or comment, they are just the same. So far the actions that I took are defensive. I’m just trying hard to block or filter all the incoming spam. Lately I found this site call – This […]