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Get Paid for Placing Links with Contextual Style

Contextual Style is only for blogs above page rank 3. That means the minimum requirement to sign up for this site is to have a page rank 4 blog. If your blog qualified then you are able to make money placing links. All the jobs are sent through email. Payments are done using PayPal. Publishers […]

18th Using Free Articles or Other Free Materials as Your Content

Sometimes when we ran out of stuff to write, we tend to look for free articles to stick into our blog. That might be a good idea to keep up with our blogging schedule but the quality of content might not be that good. Plus, there is a problem of repeated content. If the article […]

Sign up as service provider at IFreelance

IFreelance is a membership site for freelancers. That means freelancers have to sign up and pay a membership fee to use the website. It is different from other sites that charge certain % for each project. IFreelance earn through membership fees rather then amount of projects completed. Freelancers only have to bare the membership fees […]

Hide your affiliate links using

I was introduced to by SEO News when I post about hiding affiliate links using .htaccess file. If you are not hosting your own domain, then this is the tool for you to hide affiliate links. I feel that this is a great tool to share so I decided to make a simple post […]

Effect of 300 Entrecard drops per day

I have been dropping 300 cards per day for about a month and here’s the result of what I get in return. There are few things that new blogs can gain benefits from doing this. First of all the increase of Alexa ranking because of the traffic you get. It doesn’t matter what kind of […]