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Some Data and Numbers on the traffic from MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog

I have been recording some data on the traffic of one of my blogs just to show that how much traffic you can get from MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog. These pictures shown below are from Extreme Tracking and MyBlogLog. The data from Extreme Tracking is from my old blog Toast & Egg & Me. The data […]

Tools for Freelancers

I posted a lot of websites that provide lots of jobs and projects to freelancers but I never did actually write about the tools that needed by freelancers. If you have the right tools that works well then it will help you a lot in terms of time, research, organize, financial, document, legal, storage, design, […]

Winners for the 1000 EntreCard Contest

It’s time to announce the winners for the 1000 EntreCard Contest. Below is the list of the winners. Dunn – Must Read Files Lotusflower – Ibanag in the city Fathur – Net world rover MyBlogContest – MyBlogContest Nathan Maxson – Great Giveaways It seems that this contest only has 5 entries and I’m going to […]

Built up BlogCatalog for Traffic

I started to play around with BlogCatalog after I get bored with MyBlogLog. I’m still active in MyBlogLog but there is not much interesting things can be done there. Compare to BlogCatalog, I think there are lot more activities carry out by bloggers. So what can we do after signing up BlogCatalog? It’s not just […]

PayPopUp for Your Blog?

PayPopUp works just like Google Adsense. The only difference is that the ads are shown using pop ups. My first impression about this method is not very good. That’s because I don’t really like pop ups myself. Having to visit blogs with pop ups sometimes can be very annoying. This does not mean that this […]