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Prepare Your Blog for Christmas

One more month before Christmas, are you prepared for it? Have you done your shopping for the presents for your love? Have you start to plan your year end holiday? What about your work? Are you able to finish your work before Christmas? Well, lots of things need to be done in order to get […]

7th Decorate Your Site With Pay Per Click Ads

A couple of Pay Per Click Ads that you can use are Google Adsense and Bitvertiser. These two are the top 2 choices that I know for the moment. Thought there are some difficulties using them, meaning they started to make earning not so easy for publisher. Yahoo Pay Per Click Ads is in my […]

Get Paid Selling Articles at Constant Content

Selling your articles in Constant Content is another way for you to earn some extra money without having your own blog. It might be a bit difficult to become an author in Constant Content, as there are lots of rules that you need to follow. But then once you get used to it, it won’t […]

6th Start with PayPerPost and other Pay to Blog sites

You may start with other paid ads but I doubt that you can earn much from it in just 3 month, unless you are very good in getting traffics to your blog. One of the reasons of having you to post as much as possible for the first 3 month is to prepare your blog […]

Google, Text Link Ads, PayPerPost and Page rank

Lately we have seen and experience a lot of changes from Google. First was the Google Adsense and then the page rank. Then there was news about Google going after Text Link Ads and then later on PayPerPost. To me this is all about money. If Text Link Ads and PayPerPost weren’t pulling a good […]