Easiest Ways to Become Rich?

Did you dream of become rich? Have you ever think about ways or methods to become rich? Well, I think most people think about it including myself. Below are some of the ways or methods that I think we can try to make ourselves rich, if we dare to do it.

Marry a rich man or woman
It does sound practical and many are trying. Unfortunately there is only a handful of rich people available and too many competitors.

Win the lottery
You need to be the lucky one to win the game. Unfortunately most people end up losing money instead of become rich.

Inherit a fortune
Unfortunately you have no control over how and where you are born. In fact you might not inherit anything even if you are born in a rich family. But you can work or get close to rich old people who have no children or family member. You might have a slim of chance to inherit their fortune if they love you.

Invest in stock, property and currency exchange
You need some money to start off with. There is a risk that you might lose your money and the return might take longer than expected.

Find a reason to sue
Of cause you need to make sure that it is a case you can win and payment can be made. It might be troublesome finding a good lawyer.

Start a business or become an entrepreneur
It might take a long time to become rich or you might end up bankrupt, but the possibility is there.

The truth is the possibility of becoming rich is very slim if you are working for others. Your limitation of making lots of money is capped as a salary man. Your salary and bonuses will always remain at minimum level according to market value. It is just a simple logic fact which companies try to minimize labor cost in order to achieve maximum profits. Thus being rich remains as a dream for most salary man. You might not be able to become rich but at least you still can feed yourself and your family. That is if you are able to work until retired at old age without having much trouble. If due to unexpected circumstances which you are laid off or fired at the age around 40 to 50, you might be having trouble searching for alternative source of income.

It is healthy and normal to try becoming rich. There will always be a risk for any action taken towards becoming rich. No risk no gain. But during the course of pursuing, you will learn to manage risk and uncertainty event. This will surely increases your value as a salary man or employee. It is way better to just sit in the company and do what you are told without improving yourself.

Can a blog about food gains lots of money making opportunities online?

Once in a while some of my friends come to me for advice regarding ideas on trying to make money online by blogging. As most of them are working with a full time job, the best ideas that they can come out with is blogging. Honestly, I just think that they are trying to find the simplest and easiest way to make some money online without taking up too much of their time and energy. Thus the discussion is always about the best topic to blog which has the most opportunity to make money online. One of the most popular topics which most of my friends are interested in blogging is food. (Honestly, I think any topic can make money online. You just have to know the right way to do it.)

No doubt a lot of people blog about food. Most of them are merely sharing their interest or hobby. But if you are trying to make money by blogging about food, it might need some extra work. Regardless of what topic you choose to blog, content and traffic are two important ingredients that help generate income. Blog content should be easy to produce as long as you are interested in food. You can basically blog about recipes, ingredients, food location, restaurant, hawkers, kitchen, chef, kitchen tools and many more. Don’t just write but try to include photos and videos into your blog. Some of my friends love to visit restaurants around and blog about food they tried. As long as the passion of blogging can continue for a long period of time with constant update, it should be fine. The second thing which needs to focus is the amount of traffic. In order to make money via blogging, you need a lot of traffic. Although there are a lot of ways to generate traffic, it will be best to just focus on one or two methods. If you are active in online social network such as Facebook, promote and introduce your blog to all your friends and network. Hopefully they will try to introduce your blog to their friends and network.

You can start apply for Google AdSense account after blogging for couple of months. Once Google approves your account, you can start making money by applying Google AdSense on your blog. This is one of the basic and simple ways to make money online. It doesn’t require much attention and you can just focus on creating blog content and traffic. There are many alternative ways to make money online via blogging too, but try not to rush. Doing too many things at once might not be a good idea. First, let’s just focus on creating more content and gather lots of traffic. Money making opportunities will come to you once your blog become popular.

I suppose this is the best way for those who have a full time job but still thinking of making money online via blogging. Keep things simple and make it a habit to write at least a blog post per week. Over time you will learn about lots of ways to make money online. Be patient and consistent with your blogging activity. You will eventually make money online at the end. The only question left is how much money you are able to make.

Interested in helping Google improve Google Translate?

I use Google Translate a lot while blogging. Although it does not always provide accurate answer, at least it helps verified spelling and the meaning of the words. Usually you’ll get a strange answer when you type in a sentence instead of a single word. I suppose Google Translate still needs a lot of work and improvement. Lately Google has invited us or the world to help improve Google Translate. Check out the blog post title “Translate Community: Help us improve Google Translate!” from Google Inside Search. Just login to your Google account and join the Translate Community. Before you start to work on the translation, you need to pick at least 2 languages that you are familiar and good at. You will be given the option to translate, match, rate and compare the words. The translation work is easy if you are good in the languages you sign up.

It is fun at the beginning. Unfortunately I won’t be spending my time and effort helping Google for free. It will be best if Google can record down those who help improve Google Translate and publish the list online. A top ten or top hundred list of those who provide the most help can be attractive. At least this will give us the opportunity to get some freelance work related to language translation.  I’m sure the respond will be much better if we get something in return.

Selling Shovels in a Gold Rush seems to be a popular way to get rich

Lately I’ve seen many people trying to make a fortune by selling shovels in a gold rush. One of the most popular product or so call shovel is the method to make a lot of money or become rich. My first encounter with such a product is thousands of dollars courses lecture by popular or famous motivation coach. The courses are design to boost your motivation and self-confidence so that you can take up any challenge in life. The courses usually take up to few days and require participants to relocate in a camp or hotel. My second encounter is direct sale products with many trying to sell the concept of getting rich instead of the products. The products are just the medium to make the whole system sounds logic and legal. My third encounter is online eBooks that promote and sell methods to make money online or method to generate income online. But if you do a detail research online, you’ll find that most of the information presented in the eBooks is free.

If you study 3 of those encounters above carefully, you’ll find that they don’t actually promote and sell products or services. In fact you are presented with a dream most of the time. It is a dream of being able to make a lot of money and become rich. And when you started to feel excited and lucky about finding the way to make a lot of money, you won’t mind spend some money, time and effort trying it out. Although some people actually did successfully make a lot of money, only a small percentage is able to achieve their dreams. This sound just like the gold rush story with only a small amount of people manages to dig up the gold. Thus the best way to become rich is to be the person who sells shovels.

Thinking too much while blogging might reduce productivity

Blogging is just the same as attending a language class back in high school as you are giving a task of writing 500 to 1000 words composition. Back in those days I could hardly produce 500 words of composition no matter how sufficient time was given. Now I can easily write 1000 words of blog post in couple of hours if my mind is clear and focus. Unfortunately there is always something there to distract us even if we are sitting comfortable blogging at home.

One of the most common distractions is having too much things in our mind while blogging. In other words, sometimes we just can’t focus while blogging. Most bloggers tend to fall for this after blogging for years. When we have too many things to consider and too many ideas to blog about, we kind of lost our way when blogging. A simple sentences can be written in several different ways but still able to maintain the same meaning. Bloggers will tend to consider the best way to construct the sentence in such a way so that it favors either readers or search engine. This is one of the examples of distraction. And if the blogger try to do research on the best keywords to fit into the sentences, it can take hours to write a simple short blog post. When it takes longer than usual to produce a blog post, it increases the chances for other distractions to jump in.

The best way to overcome this problem is to write your blog post fast. Write your first draft of your blog post by only focusing on the ideas or content. Work on the keywords, grammar, sentence structure and research later on when you go through your first draft. Try to complete the blog post within an hour. Of cause this method is for short blog post with less than 1000 words.