Everyone can make money online with videos and photos

Yes, everyone can make money online with videos and photos. But only a small percentage who tries succeeded. Check out infographic below for ways to make money online with videos and photos. There is no secret formula or special ways to actually make money online with videos and photos. You just need to follows these simple steps and continue to work your way nonstop for a period of time. The most difficult part is being consistent with your work and keeps up with the changes and updates. Usually you won’t see any money coming in during the first couple of month. It requires at least 3 months of hard work before you actually see any result.

make money with videos photos Everyone can make money online with videos and photos

Use ad customizers to reach customers for 2014 yearend sales

It is only few days away from 2014 yearend holiday. A lot of people are preparing Christmas gift and presents for the holiday season. That means many people are going online either desktop or mobile to search for the right products or services as gift. Some of them will be purchasing online and have their gifts or presents sent it directly to their home. If you are pursuing for money making opportunities online, don’t miss this opportunity. And if you are planning to target customers using Google AdWords, check out “Use ad customizers to gear up for your holiday promotions” from Google Inside AdWords.

Remember that there is no doubt a lot of customers are now search and hoping to find a gift or present for the holiday season. The question right now is that are you able to present your product or service to them so that they can have a look and decide to purchase or not. Let’s say out of 100 customers only 2 will buy your product or service. That’s 2%. So if you plan to generate 200 sales. That means you need to reach out 10000 customers online. Do the math if you are planning to use Google AdWords. But you need to make sure that you are earning enough to cover the money you spend on advertising.

Google wraps up 2014 with a year in Search

It’s December 2014. It’s almost the end of 2014. Every year around this time Google wraps up the things that happen in 2014 with their annual Year in Search. Check out the blog post title “A Year in Search: the moments that defined 2014” As you can see the top 10 global trending searches are Robin Williams, World Cup, Ebola, MH370, ALS, Flappy Bird, Conchita Wurst, ISIS, Frozen and Sochi. You may check out the Year in Search site and have a look at the stories behind the top 10 global trending searches. But pay close attention towards the keyword Flappy Bird. If you are the one who design this mobile game. How much money will you earn? Is it possible to design another mobile game and earn this much attention in future? Well, I suppose the possibility is there. The question is how you do it. This is the kind of opportunity which you don’t expect to happen but dream of seeing it happen.

Top 10 ways to make money online

Honestly there are a lot of “Top 10 ways to make money online” that you can find online. It is interesting to find that almost every one of them has similar suggestions. As you check out the top 10 list from time to time, you can see the pattern or trend in the area or field that actually makes money. Good thing about checking these top 10 lists is that you will find some methods of making money online in almost every list. That is the method of making money online that you want to do if you really hoping to find a solid true way to make money online. Once you know and understand the method works, next is to do whatever you can to achieve success. Check out the infographic below for the top 10 ways to make money online.

top 10 ways to make money online Top 10 ways to make money online

Speed is everything when pursuing for money making opportunities online

It is a well-known fact that speed is everything when pursuing for money making opportunities online. Regardless of what you do, your chances of making money online are greater as long as you can speed up things. I suppose this goes the same with traditional old fashion way of doing business or making money offline too. But remember that you need to maintain your quality of service or productivity while speeding up your process in order to maintain the desire result. Speeding up things also means an increase of cost. Subscribing a high speed internet connection will speed up your working progress online but it also means an increase of monthly internet fee. Does it worth it? Well, it actually depends on how you work online and the nature of your money making opportunities online. You have to decide if a speed up of few minutes per day can actually increase your revenue or not. It is a balance which you need to find in order to maximize your online profit. The only way to find out is to test it out. Perhaps you can try the split test which we did on determine the best earning page for Google AdSense.

But honestly, I think you should just get the highest internet speed connection if you are able to afford it. Once you have tasted the speed, you won’t opt back for slower speed. Besides, it is not just because of the efficiency and revenue that we are trying to increase. You can save a lot of time if you are able to cut down few minutes of your online working time daily. A shorter time frame of staring at the monitor daily is good for your eye side. And finally you can take the extra time out for a walk or exercise rather than sitting there waiting.

P/S: Have you ever wondered if only the internet speed is higher, you already completed everything few hours ago? You may try using Google Public DNS to increase your surfing speed. Check out the blog post title “Google Public DNS and Location-Sensitive DNS Responses” for details and explanation.