Thinking too much while blogging might reduce productivity

Blogging is just the same as attending a language class back in high school as you are giving a task of writing 500 to 1000 words composition. Back in those days I could hardly produce 500 words of composition no matter how sufficient time was given. Now I can easily write 1000 words of blog post in couple of hours if my mind is clear and focus. Unfortunately there is always something there to distract us even if we are sitting comfortable blogging at home.

One of the most common distractions is having too much things in our mind while blogging. In other words, sometimes we just can’t focus while blogging. Most bloggers tend to fall for this after blogging for years. When we have too many things to consider and too many ideas to blog about, we kind of lost our way when blogging. A simple sentences can be written in several different ways but still able to maintain the same meaning. Bloggers will tend to consider the best way to construct the sentence in such a way so that it favors either readers or search engine. This is one of the examples of distraction. And if the blogger try to do research on the best keywords to fit into the sentences, it can take hours to write a simple short blog post. When it takes longer than usual to produce a blog post, it increases the chances for other distractions to jump in.

The best way to overcome this problem is to write your blog post fast. Write your first draft of your blog post by only focusing on the ideas or content. Work on the keywords, grammar, sentence structure and research later on when you go through your first draft. Try to complete the blog post within an hour. Of cause this method is for short blog post with less than 1000 words.

FREE video making tools to create money making opportunities online

YouTube is one of the most popular money making opportunities online websites that enable users to upload videos. Before the release of mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet, users need to purchase a video camera in order to make their own video. Now anybody can upload videos any time and any place with just a touch using iPhone easily. One thing good about trying to make money online by uploading videos online is that you don’t have to be a professional in creating videos. As long as the videos that you uploaded receive lots of views, you’ll make money. That also means you can make money by creating videos using software tools as long as the videos receive lots of views. In other words you don’t really need to have a video camera or mobile device in order to make money online via video. Just go online and search for free video making tools and you’ll find lots of websites and software tools that can make videos or animation for free. Below are some of the websites you can make your own videos or animation for free.

  • Powtoon
  • Wideo
  • Zimmer Twins
  • Voki
  • Dvoler movie maker
  • Go Animate
  • Digital Films

powtoon FREE video making tools to create money making opportunities onlinewideo FREE video making tools to create money making opportunities onlinezimmer twins FREE video making tools to create money making opportunities onlinevoki FREE video making tools to create money making opportunities onlinedevolver movie maker FREE video making tools to create money making opportunities onlinego animate FREE video making tools to create money making opportunities onlinedigital films FREE video making tools to create money making opportunities online
Instead of just creating videos and uploading it to YouTube to make money, you can try to offer video making service online at Fiverr. Charging $5 for a short, simple and easy video should be fair and reasonable. Just check out Fiverr and you’ll see that lots of people already offering video creating services. Once your video creating skills become better as you gain lots of practice and experience, you can start charging a higher price for a longer and more professional video creation.

Google provides multi screen resource to help increase traffic

According to the blog post title “Introducing a new multi-screen resource in the AdSense Help Center” from Google Inside AdSense, an average of 15% higher RPM and twice the traffic growth rate can be obtain by optimized for multiple screen sizes. In order to make money online successfully, maximize traffic is a must. If you are having problems or trouble on implementing multi-screen strategy, check out the blog post above. Google has created a new multi-screen guidelines that you can make use of. The guidelines cover multi-screen starter guide and multi-screen implementation guide. The information provided is simple and easy to understand. It is suitable for those who have no idea about multi-screen strategy and just starting to learn about it.

Is it necessary to implement multi-screen strategy? Well, it is a must if you are trying to increase the amount of traffic to your blog or website. Especially if you are trying to target users from smartphone and tablet devices, you will have to make your blog or website easy to view from multiple screen size. Perhaps you might be wondering how it helps to increase traffic by making your blog or website much easier to view. Just do some testing by using multiple smartphone and tablet devices to access your blog or website. If your blog or website is not design to display properly for smaller screen, some mobile browsers might not be able to access your blog or website. It might encounter error when trying to display your blog or website. Another reason to implement multi-screen strategy is because of search engines. A multi-screen implemented blog or website will get a higher search rank from search engine. Remember that a lot of people are using search engine from their mobile devices. Blogs and websites which are unable to display properly on mobile devices will not be listed up front. That means search engine will help bring in traffic by ranking better for sites that implementing multi-screen strategy.

Let us Take a Look at Some of The Top Google Search for World Cup 2014

Most Searched for Keeper

  • Guillermo Ochoa
  • Tim Howard
  • Manuel Neuer

Most Searched Matches

  • Germany vs Brazil
  • Spain vs Netherlands
  • USA vs Belgium

Most Searched Player Memes

  • Luis Suarez
  • Tim Howard
  • Arjen Robben

Above are some of the top keywords searched from Google during the World Cup 2014 event. The reference presented above is from the blog post title “From superheroes to the battle of the battles – the World Cup through search”. If you blog about football and World Cup 2014, the keywords above should often appear on your blog post in order to gain high amount of traffic. So the question is how you know which keywords to focus on before and during the big game. I suppose the only way to do this is to study the game and understand the players, matches and perhaps even the fans and reporters. Anything surrounding the World Cup 2014 event can be a hit that draws attention. You just need to follow the game and keep an eye on things. One of the most attractive elements in the game is beauty. And the cute Korean newscaster Jang Ye Won seems to catch the attention of the world. And of cause we have the sexy Shakira too at the closing ceremony of the game.

P/S: You’ll get traffic if you are able to present things that interest people. Remember that at the end of the day it is people that we are dealing with. So study your viewers.

Online Freelance Writing Money Making Opportunities from London Brokers

london brokers Online Freelance Writing Money Making Opportunities from London BrokersOne of the easiest money making opportunities online is writing. That means if you are good in writing, you can basically sell your service easily online. As there is always a need for producing good quality content continuously for blogs and websites, people are willing to pay for writers who are able to write good quality article. Depending on your writing skills and popularity, you can set the price of your service as high as you want as long as there are people willing to pay for it. It might take some time to promote your writing service but it shouldn’t be a problem if you provide good services to your customers. If you are just starting to make money online by providing writing services, try not to accept too many tasks at once. It is better to focus on maintaining the quality of your writing and services instead of trying hard to make as much money as you can. The goal is to build a good writing service reputation so that you can increase the price of your writing services in future. It is obviously better to minimize the writing work and maximize the earning potential. In order to achieve this you need to produce good quality writing work, provide good services and maintain a good reputation online. Most of my friends who try to make money online by writing start off by accepting $5 per 200 words article at Fiverr. The idea is good but they will have to register on several similar websites to reach out wider range of customers.

Check out London Brokers if you are interested in making money online by writing articles. Although the pay might not be as good as it seems, but at least it serve as a place for you to practice your writing skills and promote your writing services. The site pays $2 per article for a minimum of 300 words and $6.5 for a minimum of 1000 words. Honestly, I can get a lot higher price for my writing service and I already give a very good example site above. The site did offers to pay an extra 5~10% for articles that are urgently needed within 24 hours, but I still don’t feel excited about it. Payments are done every Tuesday and Friday via PayPal or Payoneer.

You may give it a try and submit one or two of your writing work just to see how things go. But be sure to take a look at the FAQ as there are some rules that you are require to take note. The site will close your account without paying for the work you’ve done if you are not a native English speaker. There is a risk if you are an international writer not from US, Canada, England or South Africa.