Do you know the story of money?

When you are pursuing for money making opportunities, have you ever think of how money is created? Before money was invented, how do people do business? People use bartered system. And it seems that people are still using it at certain occasions. Check out the infographic below for the interesting story or history about money.

the story of money Do you know the story of money?

Types of Business loans to consider when pursuing for money making opportunities

When you are trying to pursuit for money making opportunities by going into business, getting a business loan is part of the process that you might go through. Let’s face it. Not everybody has the money or funds to start their own business. In most cases we need to apply for business loan in order to start our business. Do you know what type of business loan to apply? How many business loans are there which we can make use? Check out the infographic below for some of the basic business loans that you can apply.

types of business loans Types of Business loans to consider when pursuing for money making opportunities

Mobile shopping is the main window for this holiday season

It seems that Google will be pushing for richer mobile shopping experience this holiday season. I will be monitoring the analysis data gather by Google regarding activities done by mobile users for this holiday season. It is expected sales online by mobile users will be increase drastically compare to previous years. I suppose the world economic or the price of fuel will not affect much when it comes to yearend expenditure. Basically shopping has evolved from visiting the shop personally to placing orders online at home. You just have to find customers online instead of looking for customers on the streets. Technology has change the way people spend their money. And if you are hoping to run your business for another 10 to 20 years, you just have to catch up with the latest technology or risk losing customers day by day.

One way or another, you have to setup an online platform that enables customers to purchase your product without visiting your shop personally. And it does not require a lot of money to setup a simple online platform. The hard part is learning to control and manage it. If you are not familiar with computers or online stuff, you just have to hire someone who is familiar with it. These are the important changes require in order to stay in business. You really do not have much choice if you are hoping to keep your business alive for years to come.

Sometimes a simple work or task can become a money making opportunity

Are you still surfing around and looking for best suitable money making opportunity? Well, the truth is best suitable money making opportunity exist when only you take the risk and give it a try. You can’t be sure about the money making opportunity until you do it. And sometimes the best suitable money making opportunity might just be right in front of you.

Just take a look around. Anything that people hate to do or take a lot of time and effort to complete can become money making opportunities if you take the time to research and think about it. Things like helping up gardening, setting up home theater system, setup tablet device, teaching smartphone usage or help setting up online video conferencing can evolve into money making opportunities if you put your mind into it. Even if you decided to do it personally the old fashion way (do the gardening yourself), you will still able to make some money out from it.

The alternative smarter way is to develop a method which can help people complete their tasks without spending too much effort or time. Remember that you will still able to make money even if you only help reduce time and effort by 20%. There will be a portion of consumers who are willing to spend the money for lesser time and effort.

The first step on your pursuit of money making opportunities is usually rough with lots of problems and plenty of rooms for improvement. You will be criticize, blame and complain severely. Don’t worry about it because this is a normal process which every entrepreneur requires going through. The important thing is that you continue to improve your product or service until it reaches perfection. Success will be determined by the amount of time and effort that you put in. Although success is not guarantee but you are definitely closer than you think if you continue to improve and invest lots of time and effort.

Note and suggestions for small businesses

December is just right at the corner. Have you (small business owners) prepared for 2014 yearend sales? I have been asking the same question many times in this blog because I feel that yearend sales is the only time in the whole year which you can make the most money. It is a waste to miss out this money making opportunity. That might just be the only time for you to make enough money to cover all your expenses thought out the year. Especially for small business owners, you cannot afford to miss out this opportunity if you want to make a lot of money. Check out the blog post title “Note to small businesses this holiday season: shopping never sleeps!” from Google and Your Business. Some of the tips presented in the blog post might be helpful if you are planning to make use of Google AdWords.