The World of Freelancers

What kind of work or job does a freelancer usually takes on? Check out the infographic below for 10 most popular work in the freelancing world.

the world of freelancer

Meet the new generation of freelancers

I have been posting a lot of infographic related to freelancing. Honestly they all present similar information. The infographic below interest me because of the color black and white. It looks just like a comic which we often seen in newspaper or magazine. This infographic is a success as it is able to get my attention.

meet the new generation of freelancers

Effective Web Writing

Check out the infographic for 10 tips to keep visitors for 20 seconds. Actually if you are able to keep them long enough to persuade or convince them, it is good enough. The main goal is to make money online.


8 secrets to writing faster blog posts

Although we are told to write good quality content, sometimes it might just take longer than we thought. If you are struggling to maintain one blog post per day, you might sacrifice quality just to keep up with your blogging schedule. It is not an easy task to maintain content quality and keep up with daily blogging schedule. Check out the infographic for some tips on how to write faster blog post without having to sacrifice too much of the content quality.


Write that title right

The right title of your article or blog post will increase sales or money making opportunities. How true is this? Check out the infographic below for details. In my opinion, this is actually very true. Nowadays most people just don’t have the time or patient to read the entire article of blog post. If the title you choose is unable to capture readers’ attention, people will just skip it.