Understanding the effect of online exposure towards offline business

A lot of offline business owners do not understand the impact or effectiveness of online exposure. They just couldn’t see how getting their business online will bring more customers to their shop. Many offline business owners have a misunderstanding concept of getting their business online means getting customers to buy products without visiting their shop. It is more towards the idea of creating an e commerce website. This gives offline business owners second thought because they don’t think they can compete with big online company unless they invest a lot of money into creating an awesome website. And with little knowledge about the things online, offline business owners tend to hold back even if they knew they are missing a lot of money making opportunities.

Whenever I try to introduce the concept of bring businesses online, couple of thing small business owners tend to tell me before I even started. “I do not have the money to bring my business online.” And “I don’t think getting my business online will help increase revenue.” This is the first obstacle which I need to deal with before getting these small business owners to say yes in getting their business online. The first part usually requires a lot of educating, explanation and convincing. The next step is to start off by applying all the free tools and features such as Google My Business, Facebook page, YouTube Video, blog and website. Small business owners usually will go for it if you help them setup things for free. Once everything setup nicely, next is to wait and see the effects. The best way to convince them is to show them directly how effective it is to bring new customers to their business. By the way, you need to tell small business owners to ask their new customers how they find out about their business. Small business owners need to hear it themselves in order to convince that it is working.

It takes time to convince small business owners about the effectiveness of bring their business online. Check out the blog post title “New Study: The Impact of Digital on In-Store Shopping” from Google Inside AdWords. The analysis presented shows going online helps to bring more customers to shop. People still likes to visit the shop personally even if they have the option to purchase products directly online.

Google needs to hear your suggestions and opinions to shape their features and tools

Did Google improve their services and features after collecting feedbacks from users? Yes, there seems to have few new features, options and alterations. Did your earnings increases? Well, it really does not show much of improvement. I suppose most of us who tries to make money online probably feel the same. But there is one thing for sure. We have to make changes or alignment to our blog or website according to the upgrades and changes apply by Google. The work is necessary because it is advice to do so to prevent the loss of traffic or revenue. But still it does not guarantee the positive impact of traffic and revenue gain.

Check out the blog post title “Share your thoughts on AdSense, AdMob and other Google publisher solutions” from Google Inside AdSense. There will be a semi-annual publisher survey launching on November 4th 2014. If you have anything to say about Google features and tools, this is the time to do it. In order to take part in the survey, you need to update your contact details and email preferences to receive occasional survey messages.

P/S: Honestly I’m kind of lazy when it comes to survey as the words “Thank you” just can’t boost my motivation to do it.

Nothing is Free when it comes to money making opportunities online

donate to wikipedia Nothing is Free when it comes to money making opportunities onlineWho wants free stuff? People love it when they see the word “Free” as that means they don’t have to pay for it. But does it really mean free, especially when you see it online. Well, you might not require paying in terms of money, but you are actually paying it in other form. You might be ask to provide email, personal info, opinion or answering questions before gaining access to the free stuff. In some cases, your attention and clicks on the site are considered as the payment. Yes, when it comes to money making opportunities online, there is a strategy or trick which most people apply to gain more traffic to their site. The trick is simply giving out stuff for free. Try Google the word “free” alongside with any words that you can think of. You will find lots of sites giving out free stuff for real. If you study those sites carefully, there is always a “but” behind the free stuff that you are getting. Even if you are visiting Wikipedia, you will find a link which says “Donate to Wikipedia” But the main thing that Wikipedia wants is not money. They want traffic or users to check out their site as often as possible. Thus in return they provide rich high quality content for free.

Up until this point, does it sound familiar with what you are trying to do with your blog or website? Bloggers are using free as a bait for more traffic. The most common way is by providing free content. Some even tries to increase the level of the game by giving out free physical stuff like coupons, books, tickets or even money. Next time, when you see the word “Free”, try to figure out what’s the catch behind.

Examples and Tips for XML sitemaps and RSS or Atom feeds from Google

XML sitemaps and RSS or Atom feeds are couple of important things that we need to take care in order to gain more traffic. And if you want Google search engine to take good care of your blog or website, it is important to know and understand some of the best practice to bait for traffic from Google search engine. Check out the blog post title “Best practices for XML sitemaps & RSS/Atom feeds” from Google Webmaster Central Blog. The blog post might be a bit difficult to understand as it is categorize as intermediate advanced level. You may check out the examples given and compare it to your own XML sitemaps & RSS/Atom feeds. Try to check for differences and see if you are able to improve it.

As a conclusion, Google recommended using both XML sitemaps and RSS/Atom feeds for optimal site crawling for Google and other search engines. If you are not sure how to improve it, at least copy and paste the default coding into your blog or website. The least you can do is make them functional.

Small Business owners need our help to setup Google My Business

It is not just Google My Business. Small business owners need our help to bring their business online. Just take a walk down the streets around your area and check out those small businesses. Ask them if they are making use of online tools such as Google My Business, Facebook, blog or website to help bring in customers. You will be surprise to find out that most of them are still doing business the old fashion way. These small business owners are using smartphone like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Their smartphone is capable of going online and surf the net easily. They also notice that most of their customers are using smartphone too. And they know many people are using the internet to search for products and services.

So why haven’t these small business owners try to make use of internet to grow their business? Well, the main reason is that going online is just not the game they are familiar with and they have no confidence in doing so. Most of these small business owners have been doing their business the old fashion way and it is still working perfectly. There is no reason to shake things up as they are currently still making profits. Even if they are interested in bringing their business online, they have no idea how to do it. Some of them also do not understand that having a Google plus page, Google My business, Facebook page, blog or website can help bring in more customers. They just cannot see the impact or effect as it takes time. But they do know that if they hire a person to give out flyers, it can help bring in more customers.

Small business owners need help to bring their business online. And they need somebody to explain and guide them patiently. This is a money making opportunity if you are able to provide the service. A simple blog, website, Facebook Page, Google Plus page and Google My Business is good enough. The goal is to make their business visible online. And that is the first initial step for start.