10 simple best ways to make money online part time

There are basically two ways to start your journey of money making opportunities online. The simplest and easiest way is to invest some money by purchasing digital products or eBooks with information and guides on how to make money online. This will eventually save a lot of time and effort skipping the researching and studying part. It is the short cut way of starting the journey of money making opportunities online. Your goal is to make money online. As long as the guides or methods are able to help you make money online, it is consider good and serve its purpose. The second way is to do your own research and study by spending a lot of time and effort checking out thousands of sites and blogs which claims to be able to help you make money online. It might take a bit longer before you are able to make money online but you will learn a lot and have a clear understanding on how making money online works. Below are 10 basic ways that you can make money online.

Take Online Survey and Provide Valuable Opinion

In my opinion, this is the simplest way to make money online. The question is where to find and take surveys that actually pay. Companies around the globe are constantly giving out surveys in order to understand what customers are thinking. A lot of companies are willing to pay some money in order to get feedback from customers. Remember that companies do not pay everybody to take surveys. They choose and select customers who are able to provide good honest feedback. In other words you have to convince companies that your opinion is worth what they are paying for. In order to do that you have to let companies know and understand a little bit about yourself. The best way to do this is introducing yourself via Facebook, Twitter or blog. A blog is definitely the best because your writing and thoughts are clearly reflected.

Sometimes you can even try contacting or emailing the company and try to provide your service of taking surveys. Your thoughts or opinion as a customers or users are always a valuable info for companies.

Pro – It does not require a lot of work and preparation. You just need to answer some simple questions online. The amount of money earn depends on your effort on taking up lots of surveys. It is free to participate. You can organize and schedule your time for the surveys accordingly. You can always stop taking surveys if you have an emergency task to attend to. This is one of the best part time jobs to go with if you are holding a busy full time job.

Con –You won’t be able to make a lot of money. Surveys payout is very little and you need to complete a lot of surveys in order to qualify for the minimum payout amount. Depending on your location and situation, you might not qualify for every survey. Thus you might not get pay every month. If you are not careful, you might stumble upon fake or scam surveys. The worst case scenario is that you might end up losing money instead of making any. You will have to filter out those companies that really pay for completing their surveys. Instead of a part time job, this is more like winning a lucky draw. The potential of growing and increasing income is limited.

Start A Blog and Sell your Writing Skills

Perhaps this is the best way to make money online. Don’t worry if your writing is not good. Just keep on writing and you will continue to improve. The key is to make money, not trying to improve your writing ability. Although this is the main intention but your writing skill will still improve eventually as you continue to write. I suppose this is what we call practice makes better. Create a blog and start blogging every day. Although the key point is trying to make money by providing writing service. Articles or blog posts created every day can generate traffic or attract readers and make money indirectly via advertisement and selling products online.

You can start providing your writing service on Fiverr. You may also promote your writing service on your blog directly by creating a page detailing the price, terms and conditions. Check out forum sites such as Digital Point to promote your writing service. Once you are confidence with your writing skill, try selling your service at popular freelancing site such as Elance.

Pro – The earning potential is huge because it depends on your writing skill and ability to negotiate with customers. A skill writer can earn as much as $1000 for writing an article of 2000 words. There are a lot of money making opportunities that are related to writing. One of the services that you can try to provide is proofreading. Brand yourself properly with a blog and you should be able to attract lots of deals. Your reputation and ability to attract readers depends greatly with your writing skill.

Con – It might take a while before you start making money, probably couple of month. It requires a lot of work and time to build your reputation or brand. You need to keep up the momentum to write every day. The only way to actually make a lot of money is continuously improving and learning in every aspect of area you can possible think of. You need to be able to write at least 500 words given any topic. Competition is great because writers around the world are selling similar service as you are. Consistency is the challenge you will be facing.

Create videos and upload to video sites

This is the most effective way to make money online. The key is to create interesting videos that people can’t take their eyes off for few minutes. Uploading videos with thousands of viewing rate on YouTube can generate a good revenue income. If you are good in creating video clips, you may sell your service at freelancing site too. YouTube and other similar video streaming or uploading sites are areas which you need to promote and sell your video creating or design ability. You may also try selling products by creating videos focusing on product reviews, introduction or demonstration.

Pro – It is an effective way to make money online due to blooming of smartphone users around the world. Promoting video clips via smartphone can easily achieve thousands of views in a short period of time. You can easily create video clips just by using your won smartphone too. The key is to create interesting video clips, not good quality videos.

Con – You have to learn how to create video clips and upload to YouTube. The challenging part is creating interesting video clips which generate at least thousands of viewership. You might need to invest some money for a good video camera if you hope to produce good quality video clips.

Take Photos and sell online

This is a good way to make money online if you love to take pictures or photographs. All you need is a digital camera. Smartphone will do just fine as long as you are able to take good interesting pictures. Especially if you love traveling, you can combine tourism topic with all those beautiful scenery photos you take. You can try to sell photos yourself or through several popular websites that sells photo.

Pro – Fresh new pictures are always in demand in many fields or areas such as magazines, books, websites, blogs, products and various events. Once you have successfully created your brand as a reputed photographer, people are willing to pay a high price for your work. Customers can purchase your pictures from any corner of the world as long as they can get online. A good quality picture will definitely makes sale.

Con – You need to invest a good quality camera in order to produce high quality pictures. Anybody can take pictures easily nowadays but not everybody can produce high quality pictures that sell. It takes some time to master the skill to capture good pictures and experience to determine the type of picture which is in demand. You need to produce a lot of good quality pictures in order to generate a constant income monthly. You have to put some work on introducing and leading customers to your pictures. People have to know the existence of your good quality pictures in order to buy them.

Programming Design in multiple languages

This includes designing website, blog, mobile site, apps and other software programs. The ability to code can be very advantage when you are working in a digital world. You can basically sell your service at Fiverr, Elance and other similar freelancing websites. You can also try to create and sell digital products such as mobile apps, websites and blogs. Create and selling your own digital products is way better than selling your programming service. Branding your service and product is crucial as it affects your earning potential greatly.

Pro – There is a high demand for programming service especially in area related to smartphones. You can make a good deal of money just by designing and selling mobile apps. Once you are able to establish your brand of product and service, customers are willing to pay a higher price for your service and products.

Con – It takes some time to actually master the skill of programming. The time it takes to complete a task and meet clients requirement are keys to success. You will also need to provide and maintain good customer service in order to generate repeat sales order. It is a competitive market because programmers from China and India can provide high quality services with a low price. You will have to keep on learning and updating yourself with the latest programming method and technology. The ability to learn fast and apply knowledge instantly can be the key factor of securing projects.

Graphic Design

There are basically 2 ways that you can create and design your graphic. You can either hand drawn your graphic and later scan into your computer, or you can design your graphic digitally using a graphic software such as Corel Draw. You can try to sell your graphic design or service at Fiverr, Elance or other similar freelancing websites.

Pro – The demand of graphics are always high. If you are able to create high quality unique graphics, you stand a chance to make a lot of money. Graphics are often required for magazine, newspaper, website, blog, Facebook Page and other background themes.

Con – The competition is great because you are competing with millions of graphic designer around the world. You will have to brand your product and service well in order to attract customers and orders.

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Sell products online

Basically there are two types of products that you can sell online. You can either sell a digital product or a physical product. Digital product is usually referring to information or eBooks. You can create your own product or become an affiliate by selling other people’s product. Selling physical product is more a less the same as open up an offline shop. You have to handle packaging, customer service and stock. If you want things to be simple, just sign up Amazon and promote their product. Amazon will handle almost everything. You just need to connect the right customers to the right product.

You can setup a blog or website promoting products or make use of your Facebook account and trying to sell products to people around you. You may also take orders from customers and try to search and deliver the requested products

Pro – You can definitely make money as long as you work hard on promoting products through websites, blogs, forums and social network such as Facebook. The potentials of money making opportunities are great and it depends on how you do it. Going solo or hiring people to do the job are totally separate ways of making money online. Either ways are interesting with different range of income. Cost of starting a business to sell products online is low.

Con – It is not as easy as you think. You need to be able to learn fast and apply it instantly. The digital world changes every day and you won’t be able to compete with others if you are unable to catch up with the changes daily. Selling products online is still considered a new type of business. The basic concept is the same as traditional business but methods of execution are totally different. There won’t be much example that you can refer to. You are on your own most of the time to solve problems and make sales.

Teaching and Tutoring

This job is for those who love to teach or good in certain skill or knowledge. The job is usually paid by hour or minutes depending on the field of area you are teaching. You will need a fairly good laptop or desktop with broadband internet access which allows video conferencing. Your students will be able to hear and watch your lecture from any place around the world. In most cases, it is actually a one to one tutoring.

Pro – The earning by hour will increases once you build up your reputation or brand. Good teacher or tutor charge higher price and able to attract lots of students. You will also be able to make friends from people around the world.

Once you have successfully build your  reputation online, you can always by pass the middle man and take up students directly. In order to do this you need a blog or website to showcase your profile and work. Facebook or Twitter works fine too but it is better to host your own blog.

Con – As you are paying by hour or minutes, there is a limit of how much money you are able to earn. It might not be easy teaching and dealing with people around the world. Cultural differences make it difficult to understand even if it is just a simple explanation.

Translator for multiple languages

This job requires you to be good in more than one language. If you are able to read and write in couple of language since childhood, this job is easy money for you. You can find lots of jobs available at freelancing websites. Most of the jobs require you to translate documents from one language to another. Currently English, Chinese and Indian languages probably the most demanded in business sector. You can also sell your translation profession at Fiverr or any other freelancing sites.

Pro – There are always the need of translator in various field. If your language power is good, you can really make good money. You might have the chance to be hire as a personal translator in business or political field. Formal documents or technical reports usually pay very high price for translation service.

Con – Sometimes good is not enough. You need to be fast too. Top translator is required to be able to complete task fast and accurate. You need to go through certain level of training in order to become professional translator.

Playing Online Games Live Streaming

This is the best way to make money online for those who love to play games. All you need to do is stream your gaming activities live online and interact with viewers verbally or through chatting. Twitch is the website for this. YouTube is another option but it seems Twitch is far more popular when live streaming video games online. The amount of viewers and supporters determine the amount of money you can make. In other words, you still need the help of social media online such as Facebook and Twitter to boost the number of viewers. You will need a lot of viewers because your income mostly comes from donation or subscription. You may also try to promote and sell other products but it might take some skills to actually persuade viewers to spend their money. It is best to focus on gaming related products because your viewers are mostly interested in gaming area. Gaming console such as Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo can easily become a hot topic in your live streaming conversation. If you are lucky, you might have a chance to get sponsor from Logitech or nvidea. Try to check out other popular live streaming video on Twitch and learn from them. If you think their method of promoting their live streaming works for you too, go ahead and follow their style.

Pro – It is having fun while making money online. You won’t get bored if you love to play games online. You may also compile and edit your previous live streaming video and upload them to other video sites.

Con – You might need to get a fairly good computer system to run the game and live streaming broadcast. A good viewcam and microphone is required to capture your face and voice. Most important of all you need a stable high speed internet connection in order to make sure that your streaming is in high quality and without interruption. A good looking appearance and sweet voice can help boost viewers but this can be overcome if you are confidence and funny.