The reason why you are unable to make money online

Did you ever think about why some people are able to make money online easily but some are struggling. The same money making opportunities or formulas apply to several people but only a few able to make money successfully. This makes me wonder perhaps the problem is not within the money making opportunities but the person who are executing it.

One of the reasons that most people are unable to make use of money making opportunities is simply because they focus on the wrong area. Whatever that you are trying to do you need to focus on action or decision which makes money. The only end result that you need to focus is revenue. Don’t focus on perfection. Don’t spend too much time enjoying your work but focus on getting the result fast which is revenue.

Experiment and try out every money making ideas that you can think of as fast as you can. Scrap any ideas that unable to make money within a certain period of time. You need to determine a period of time to test if the money making opportunities or ideas workable or not. Improve and grow those ideas or money making opportunities which successfully make money. It is considered successful or workable even if it only makes a dollar. Continue trying and testing for few months and you should be able to find several money making opportunities which are suitable for you.

Remember that results are what you are looking for. Always focus on your goal which is revenue. One of the ways to keep you focus and moving towards your goal is to blog about your money making progress. You don’t have to blog about it every day, do it at least once a month just to keep track on your progress. This way you can compare if you are making any progress or not.

Is it the same if you are earning one dollar compare to a million?

Well, I will say it is the same. If you are able to make a dollar, I’m sure there is a chance that you can make a million. But if you are unable to make a dollar, chances of making a million is slim. I suppose the basic concept is the same either you are making one dollar or a million dollars. The difference perhaps is dealing or managing the huge sum of money. Having a lot of money might be troublesome as you need to find a way to keep the money safe and trying to grow the value if possible. Keeping money in the bank nowadays might not be the safest way. I suppose this is why we have a job so call financial planner. Which it can be a surprise as some of them seems to be able to manage others people money better instead of their own.

Why do I think it is the same as earning one dollar compare to a million dollars? One simple explanation is that if you are able to find a way to make a dollar, all you need to do is duplicate the method a million times and you’ll be able to earn a million dollars. It might sound logical, but I think it can be difficult to do it. Well, I’m just saying it is possible to do it. The level of difficulty can be a huge gap between making a dollar compare to a million.

Smartphone related money making opportunities are the main

No doubt most of the money making opportunities online will be focus on smartphone or users who are going mobile either using smartphone or tablet devices. One of the phenomena or trend which justified this claim is the involvement of Google in this field. We have seen Google improvement or evolvement in many of their features which focus on mobile. Google AdWords, Google AdSense and YouTube are going through constant improvement or changes in order to fit in the small mobile screen. No doubt Google is targeting billion of smartphone users around the world who are still growing rapidly. They are the customers who will be bringing in billions of dollars in revenue for the next few years. This is not a surprise because Google already understand this trend clearly from data collected few years ago. Statistically almost any businesses involving smartphone are making money.

So if you are looking for money making opportunities online, digging into smartphone or tablet related area. If you are getting started, perhaps YouTube or creating interesting video clips might be a good place to start. The reason is simple. Many smartphone or tablet users love to watch video online, especially via YouTube. If you are able to create interesting attractive video clips and uploaded to YouTube, you might be able to make some money out from it.

What is the safest way to make money online?

If you are looking for the safest way to make money online, you’ll definitely find it easy by just google it. Unfortunately almost every page that you browse through the search results claim to have the safest way to make money online but instead trying to sell you the method or something else. In other words, you have to pay fist before you find out if the method introduce is actually the safest way to make money online.

So stop for a moment and think about if there is actually a safest way to make money online. The truth is there are many ways that you can make money online. But each and every ways come with a certain risk. There is no such thing as the safe way to make money online. No risk, no gain. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward you’ll get. It is all about the amount of risk that you are willing to invest. The most common risk or thing which most people invest is money. Of cause you time and effort are also consider as investment too. At the end of the day, money might not the reward that you’ll gain. But there is one thing that you’ll get for every investment that you put it regardless of success or failure, and that is the experience and knowledge. When you accumulate enough experience and knowledge, you will eventually make money online successfully. The question is how much investment you need to put in and how long does it takes for you to actually start making money online. Well, this is the kind of question that nobody can answer. You can only hope for the best. But if you are hoping to make money online, this is the risk that you have to take.

When is the right time to make money online?

Honestly, I think any time is the right time to make money online. The question is, are you able to make the right decisions which make money instead of losing money. It is about how fast you are able to learn and make use of the knowledge to make money online.

Currently the world economic is not so good. There are a lot of changes and fluctuation in the stock market and forex. Usually this is the right time to make a lot of money. The question is, are you able to foresee the changes and take advantage on it.

Obviously there will be risk. No risk, no gain. You have to take a certain level of risk if you are hoping to gain profit. The question is how much risk you are willing to take. Risk calculation or estimation is another homework you need to do before any investment.

One last thing which determines if you are able to make money successfully is luck. You can do all the work, study and research, but at the end of the day you need a certain percentage of luck to actually grab success. But before you rely on luck, do whatever you can.