Find the right suitable Money Making Opportunities Online and it will become easy and simple

Fuel price up, tax increases, fees up, bills increases but the only things that does not increase much is salary or income. In order to keep up with these daily expenses, most people tend to search for part time jobs or alternative source of income. Earning extra couple of dollars might seem little, but it really can help ease the burden in the long term basis. Sometimes it is not about the amount of money that you are able to earn but the time that you spend trying to make the extra cash rather than going around spending money. You can consider it as having a hobby of earning extra income online to help reduce activities that require spending money.

“Do you have any idea on what I can do to make some extra money?” That’s the question most of my friends tend to ask when we are out for a drink. Honestly I have a lot of suggestions and ideas on how to make money online but the problem is finding the right suitable way to make money online for that particular person. I still remember the first time when I was hit by this question. I reply “blogging” instantly and was shut down by my friends with several excuses that it cannot be done. Well, I have to admit blogging is not for everyone. Especially if you are trying to make money via blogging, it is not as easy as it seems. While I’m trying to figure out the right suitable part time job for my friends, I begin to realize the difference between getting a full time job and a part time job.

Obviously most people will treat a full time job better and more important than a part time job. But when people consider a part time job as just a temporally and an alternative source of income, the determination to do the job will be less. As for a full time job, it is a must to do no matter what. When choosing a part time job, my friends tend to consider several conditions before they decided to really jump into the work. The part time job has to be easy, less effort, less time consuming, flexible, not much pressure, not much investment to start off and most important of all the payment must be good. Well, if there is such a job or work that fulfills the above criteria, I’ll be the first one doing it and won’t be introducing it to my friends and anybody else. Thus most people tend to give up after surveying some of the part time jobs.

That is the reason why my friends keep on repeating and asking the same question but never did find a part time job successfully. At the end I finally come out with a suggestion which does not affect much on his daily lifestyle but have a potential to earn some good money. As most of my friends love to play MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role playing game) such as World of Warcraft and are really good in playing them for many years, I recommended some ways to make money online which related to their gaming activity. Some of the ideas include recording their gaming activity in video clips and uploading them to YouTube or making live streaming videos while playing the game. One of my friends is able to make some good money via Twitch by live streaming his gaming activity couple of hours daily.

As a conclusion, any money making opportunities online can be simple and easy as long as the person has an interest in doing it. Once a person is able to put his mind, effort and time into the job, it will definitely make some money at the end. So the key is to find the right suitable money making opportunities online that a person loves to do and it will eventually work out.

Top 10 Money Making Opportunities in 2013 and 2014

There are a lot of blog posts with topic about top 10 money making sites list online. While each day new online money making opportunities arise, the top 10 list can be different from time to time. Obviously this is one of the most popular topics most bloggers like to write and discuss. Although the topic is the same, the top 10 list might not be the same. I suppose each of us have our own version of top 10 list or favorite list. Regardless of what the reasons behind for choosing and defining the sites as the best 10, we must be sure that these sites pay for the work we done. Depending on the knowledge and skills of an individual, the money earn from these sites varies accordingly. You just have to test it out yourself in order to find out if the money making opportunities list works for you or not.


This is a good place to start making money online if you are just getting started. It is also a good place to test if the service that you are trying to sell works or not. Consider it as a stepping stone for you next level of money making opportunities. You might not make a lot of money, but it shouldn’t be difficult to make $50 per month. If you have been blogging for years, selling your writing skill should be a great idea.


This is the largest online shop that sells physical products. Although the percentage of revenue earn is not much, you will still able to make some money if you do it right. And the right way is what most people are searching for. Usually you have to write detail reviews about the products that you are trying to promote. Your personal experience of using the product will be best. When people decided to purchase the product, they trust you, not the product or Amazon. I usually start with the products that I’m interested or familiar with.


If your writing skill is good, this is the site to promote and sell your skills. There will be a lot of competitors but it is also a good place to find potential customers that pay well. You will require good reputation and good writing skills to earn the high pay. This is a site for freelancer. It is not just for writing skill only. You can make a lot of money if you are good in design, programing, art or photography. If you are doing well by providing service at Fiverr, you can try promoting your service here


You can create your own ebook or become an affiliate and promote other people’s ebook at this site. The earning potential is great but requires a lot of work. And a lot of things to learn too before you actually start making money online. Basically you are selling information in digital form. If you are able to dedicate yourself by putting lots of effort and spending lots of time in this field, the rewards can be very handsome if you hit the bull’s eye successfully.


This is a site that enables users to design their own cloths and other accessories. You can take a photo or draw something using your computer than place it on a t-shirt or cup for sale. In order to make money successfully, you are required to market and promote the things that you design. Unless you are able to design something unique and special, it is going to take a lot of marketing work to sell your products.

Google AdSense

This is the largest online advertisement company which every blogger knows. It used to be easy to make few hundred dollars per month but things are not the same as it used to be. As Google constantly update and upgrade the search algorithm and rules, you need to generate lots of traffic in order to see money coming in. The hard part is trying to generate lots of traffic without violating the rules and condition set by Google. Which is the reason why many online entrepreneurs who are successfully make money online via Google AdSense invested their money and time on several other money making opportunities online. They knew that one day Google AdSense might not be a good way to make money online. In order to secure a stable income online, it is necessary to have several sources of income.


If your hobby is photography or taking digital pictures, this is a great place to sell your photos. Again the quality of the photos determines the sales of your photos. You might need to do some research on the kind of photos requires by companies or customers. You can also pace your profile at Elance and try to gain as much exposure so that company or customers can purchase your service.


If you like to do shopping online, answering surveys or browsing online, do it at this site. You might not make a lot of money, but you will earn some rewards or free stuff for the actions that you usually do.


If you don’t have a blog, consider creating it at Hubpages. Or if you have some unique title or topic which you plan to write but are not suitable for your current blog, consider writing it here. It is very difficult to determine the potential earning but at least you give it a try. Check out other examples before you start writing. At least you have an idea about how much and how good you need to produce the content in order to make money. It is also a good way to direct some viewers or traffic to your own blog or website.


If you love to write reviews, this is the site for you. The earning is good if you are able to produce high quality detail reviews. You will need to do some research and study before writing the reviews. Unfortunately the chances of getting a review to write are not always there.

Mobile Site is not a must to lead smartphone users to your business

Setting up a mobile site is totally different than creating a normal website or blog. If you are hoping of targeting smartphone users, it is not necessary to have a mobile site. There are other ways to reach smartphone users too, and some of the methods are free if you know where to look for. But before we decided to build a mobile site, it is better to take some time to learn and understand the group of smartphone users. One of the best places to gain valuable information and reliable resources is Google. Check out the blog posts title “Mobile’s immediacy effect: Half of mobile search conversions happen in one hour” and “Understanding smartphone use in stores: Shoppers who use mobile more, spend more in store” from Google Mobile Ads Blog.

According to the information provided from couple of blog posts above:

  • 79% of smartphone owners are smartphone shoppers.
  • 84% of these shoppers use their smartphone to help shop while in store.
  • 82% of smartphone shoppers use mobile search to help make purchase decisions.
  • 77% of mobile searches occur at home or work.
  • 55% of conversions from mobile searches happen within one hour.

No doubt it is a fact that businesses are able to increase their sales and potential revenue by targeting smartphone users. You don’t have to invest a lot of money on smartphone marketing or creating a mobile site. All you have to do is leave a trail so that smartphone users are able to find your shop online or offline. Although it is much easier for smartphone users to find your business if you advertise online via Google or invest on other online marketing strategy, it is not a necessary unless you have the extra money.

If you don’t have the extra funds to even host a mobile site for your business, here are some suggestions that you can do so that smartphone users have the chance to find you.

Register Google Places for Business

Smartphone users are able to locate your offline business location via Google maps. This is a great way that enables smartphone users around your business area to find you.

Open a Blogger account from Google

Blog and write all about your business using this FREE blogging account from Google. Link it to Google Places for Business. Make sure that you set the blog viewable on smartphone.

There are many more FREE tools from Google which you can make use, but let’s just keep things simple. It is better to spend more time focus on grow your business and increase revenue than spend time working on all those free tools. In fact, the tools suggested above are enough to keep you busy for some time. And I think it is sufficient enough to help attract or lead smartphone users to your business door. Although it is good to have a mobile site, but remember that you need to spend time and money maintaining it.

Google AdSense Tools are not going to help increase revenue but still useful

It seems that Google AdSense has been constantly providing lots of tools, statistic and analysis in order to help publishers maximize revenue. Just login to your Google AdSense account or Google webmaster tools and you’ll find lots of tools, advice and suggestion on how to monetize your blog or site. As a beginner who is just starting to learn all about making money online, it is going to take a lot of time to study and learn up all the tools provided by Google. In order to make money online successfully, we need to work on content and traffic. The question arises here is that “Is it worth the time to study and work on Google tools?” Won’t it be better for publishers to just focus on producing good quality content?

In my opinion, it is not necessary that we need to learn and use all the tools provided by Google. At the end of the day, these are just tools to help you understand your blog condition and the earning potential of your blog or site. The tools also help blog or site owners improve the earning potential of their blog or site. You don’t have to use or spend time on these tools if you are currently making money online. As long as you are making money online, you’re on the right track.

But if you are not making money after creating lots of good quality content or gaining fairly large amount of traffic, perhaps it is time to make use of Google tools. The only way to turn things around so that your blog or site starts making money is to understand the situation of your blog or site. A lot of free tools in Google Webmaster tools are able to identified your site or blog problems and provide suggestion to fix them. Again these are just suggestion and advice. You still have to take appropriate actions to solve it.

When you have the time, it is best to browse through all the free tools provided by Google. Although it is best to study and learn up these tools, try not to spend too much time on it. Remember that your priority is to create good quality content for your blog or site. When you are having problems with your site or blog, these free tools might come in handy.

Remove Broken Links and spam comments from your blog or website

Blog or website is just like a house or a place that we stay. Getting rid of garbage is a daily activity that we must do in order to keep the place clean. When you own a blog or website, cleaning up spam comments and broken links are two important activities that must be done daily. Especially if the blog or website is receiving lots of traffic daily, accumulation of spam comments and broken links can be very fast and poisoning.

Spam comments can be filter by using WordPress plugin Akismet. But still you have to check the comments daily just in case the plugin miss out couple of spam comments. As for broken links, you can use WordPress plugin Broken Link Checker. The plugin will notify you whenever there is a broken link within your blog. You just have to confirm the links and decide if you want to edit the url, unlink or dismiss it. It is very common to find lots of broken links after blogging for years.

Spam comments and broken links annoyed readers. Readers or visitors hate to read through spam comments and filter out comments that are useful. Do the filtering ourselves so that readers can have a smooth and enjoyable reading experience. That goes the same with broken links. I’m sure all of us hate to click on links that ends nowhere or a 404 error page. It can be very frustrating, especially when after reading the entire blog post about a highly recommended product or service but turns out at the end the link does not work.

Google search engine does not like spam comments and broken links. Blogs with too many spam comments and broken links can receive a lower page rank. A drop in page rank within Google search engine can seriously affect the amount of traffic gain.

Try to keep your blog as clean as possible. A blog that free from spam comments and broken links will be rewarded by Google search engine and gain a positive image from viewers. And that’s good for making money online.